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Our Projects

We envision a history of the village and it's development to the current state as it is now. This will encompass a history of the families, some of whom are descendants of the original cabin owners beginning in 1923, along with community buildings, community events, major environmental changes affecting the area and how the community continues to grow. We will also touch on more sensitive topics such as the build and removal of the pier, utilities development and improvement and the overall health of Pigeon Lake itself; and how the Summer Villages actively work toward a healthy and prosperous area.

World Peace
Project 1. Sale of the Land & Establishment of Summer Village

In-depth research into the purchase agreement signed and how/when the Summer Village became established. This will be a key area in shaping the picture of how Ma-Me-O was before it became the area we enjoy today.

Road Constuction
Project 2. Land & Area Development

This project will include both private land developed as well as the community buildings that now occupy space in the Ma-Me-O Beach area. Introduction of utilities to the community will also be touched upon as well. Current initiatives and their impact will be detailed as well progress.

Family Walking On the Beach
Project 3. People & Property

The family component of the history book is crucial to understanding why people came to the area to build and live. This is where our team will need to connect with each family and/or owner to learn more about the history behind each residence.

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