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The highlights...

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

A brief guide for the first-time visitor...

The Summer Village of Ma-Me-O Beach is a municipality, located on the shore of Pigeon Lake, in the province of Alberta. Ma-Me-O Beach became a summer village after incorporation in 1947, by the province of Alberta. This was decided in an effort to provide municipal services and governance to the owners of the 300+ properties of the village.

Leading on...

Ma-Me-O has a beautiful sandy beach that serves as a recreational destination for the people of Alberta during the summer months.

However, the developmental history of Ma-Me-O began after the land was purchased in 1923 from the Aboriginals of the area. Thus, the land was purchased and so followed plots being bought individually for building sites, summer retreats and the permanent homes in the area.

The Stats

Ma-Me-O Beach boasts 51 summer villages represented by the Association of Summer Villages of Alberta. The interesting thing about summer villages is that loads of people are resident in the area during the summer months. May through September is low season with only about 150 people remaining as permanent residents.

Fun in the snow!

It may be chilly but we make the most of the winter wonderland!

As many of the residences have been upgraded to four season livability; winter sports have become the way to make Alberta winters a little more fun to bear. Skiing, snowmobiling, skating, snowshoeing, ice fishing and winter festivals occur throughout the winter and holiday season.

The Details

The Summer Village Office is open year-round and is located right beside the Pigeon Lake Public Library. The office provides administration services to 7 of the 10 summer villages located on Pigeon Lake. If you reside or have a property in the areas listed below we would like to hear from you about the history of your location.

Argentia Beach

Crystal Springs

Golden Days


Ma-Me-O Beach

Norris Beach

Poplar Bay

That's all for now folks! Stay tuned for our next post as more stories are collected and submitted.

~History Book Team~

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