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801A-2 AVE - Londonderry lll

While driving down the highway along Ma-Me-O you will come upon a 1970’s, era cabin bordered by a quaint white fence. Welcome to the Spencer family cabin which was among many others the family owned over the years. Tom and Loddie Spencer purchased the property at A801-2 Avenue in approximately 1929, along with other lots during a public auction for property at Ma-Me-O Beach.

The cabin was built first as a divided cottage that housed Bright Nook on one side and Lazy Days on the other which was rented out for the summer months by Tom Spencer. In 1981, the cabin was remodelled as more of a permanent home and also renamed Londonderry #3. From 1970-1981, Charlie and Violet Spencer spent the

r retirement at the cabin. Charlie and Vi spent the summer in Ma-Me-O and winter down in California with their trusty air streamer. During their summer’s, daughter Betty and her husband Wally helped build a new garage at A801-1 Avenue. Their other children Carrie and Lois along with their spouses also helped with the remodelling and upgrades on the cabin over the years.

Following Charlie and Vi’s stay at the cabin, their daughter Carrie and her husband George took over ownership. George and Carrie also enjoyed their retirement at Ma-Me-O Beach in Londonderry #3, from 1998 to 2015. George and his brother joined the Fishing Derby each year and would enter in along with around 100-200 other people. It was quite the event! Even if you didn’t catch a fish it was a good time spent on the water. Many memories and great friendships were made in the community. The Schreiber’s enjoyed every minute and were sad to leave their lake home but knew it was time to move on. In 2015, George and Carrie sold Londonderry #3, to a couple looking for a quieter life, and moved into Wetaskiwin.

Scott Zenew and Kristin Westersund purchased their cabin in 2015, from George and Carrie Schreiber. They were looking for a quieter area to live in after the hustle and bustle of city life. Londonderry #3, seemed like a good fit for their foray into lake life with a great beach to walk their four-legged friend Whiskey. The garage and well-kept yard sealed the deal for them to purchase A801-2 Avenue. Rave reviews of the sandy beaches and close-knit community checked the boxes for Scott and Kristin to jump into lake life with both feet!

801A-2 Avenue street view

Pancake breakfasts, Ma-Me-O Days and the many summertime events became favourites for Scott and Kristin to meet neighbours and make new friends. They credited the popularity of the area and their own purchase of a cabin to good ol’ word of mouth. Scott and Kristin commented on looking forward to many more days of tending their garden and beach walks with Whiskey as the seasons change. Londonderry #3, continues to bring people together and welcome newcomers to the area in search of lake life in a community that has remained tight-knit.

To learn more about the Schreiber and Spencer family cabin stories read on under 717-1 Avenue.

That's all for now folks! Stay tuned for our next post as more stories are collected and submitted.

~History Book Team~

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