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A513-2 AVE - Musical Melodies at Ma-Me-O Beach

Standing tall and proud along the Ma-Me-O Beach highway is the cabin of A513-2 Avenue, owned by the Huddleston’s. This story is both a testament to time at the lake and to honour the legacy of Wayne who passed away on September 16, 2021, before the completion of this history book.

Wayne Huddleston walking along Ma-Me-O Beach_2018

Wayne and Carolyn Huddleston were together for 53 years and had many adventures along the way. Wayne was a talented musician and toured with many different bands including: Alexander’s Ragtime Grape, The Dallas Hansen Band, The Third Degree, Michelle Walker Band and the Harriet Allen Show Band.

Wayne’s passion for drumming started in Vancouver, B.C. as a teenager. His love of music extended within the family as well which paved the way for his brother and nephew to pursue their musical passions. Wayne was also a long-standing member of the Boilermakers Lodge 146, for 48 years and truly enjoyed mentoring both professionally and in his musical career to the young ‘up and comer’s.’

Side view of the original cabin at A513-2 AVE_2002

The Huddleston's interest in Pigeon Lake was sparked by Wayne’s brother who had a boat rental business in the mid-80’s, over at Zeiner Park where they would often come to visit. In 1997, Wayne and Carolyn, along with Wayne’s brother Jim and wife Lennore, purchased the cabin at 604-1st Avenue, from Miles and Jocelyn Jackson. After selling their share of the cabin at 604-1st Avenue, one of their greatest adventures was retiring and buying the property in Ma-Me-O in 2002, from Dan Vandenberg.

Family fun at A513-2 AVE_2002

The original cabin, named The Loft, had a spiral staircase up to the second floor with great views out to the lake even from their third-row location. Wayne and Carolyn saw the potential of the property and decided to start from scratch which included tearing down the older cabin in April 2006, to build a new home at the lake. Building for the new structure started that same year in July.

On May 7, 2007, the Huddleston’s moved into their new build with great plans to make the space their own. The cabin included an attached garage with a large recreational room above, that was designed to be the ultimate ‘jam’ space for Wayne and all his musician friends. Other local residents including, Miles Jackson who played piano, could often be found playing with Wayne and a couple of other locals for jam nights at various venues including the Huddleston place. The main area of the cabin also included three bedrooms and bathrooms for entertaining guests in every season at the lake. The Huddleston’s created the ultimate lake home and hosted many family and friends over the years in their uniquely designed cabin.

Wayne Huddleston and his grandkids enjoying time at Ma-Me-O Beach skipping rocks_2018

While Wayne had the music scene at Ma-Me-O, Carolyn jumped right into volunteering. The quite popular dances at Ma-Me-O Beach Hall were highlights and you would often find Carolyn volunteering in the thick of the event.

Both Wayne and Carolyn enjoyed life at the lake while being surrounded by nature. Wayne was especially fond of the area, and he loved nothing more than being amongst nature and taking photos of the sunsets that are continually stated to be the best in all of Alberta. The Huddleston’s embraced lake life in all its facets and became ingrained into the community. Their chapter has now closed but the memories and friendships created at Ma-Me-O Beach will endure long after the sun sets over Pigeon Lake.

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