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Our Team

Our team is dedicated to documenting the history of Ma-Me-O Beach. We are conducting interviews with residents, researching significant events in the area and studying how the land development has attributed to the rich history of Ma-Me-O Beach. The Summer Village Office and our main lead (see below) are working together to take this project to completion.

Erin Woods
  • Interviewer
  • Writer 
  • Photographer

Erin is a 2012, graduate from the Journalism program at MacEwan University. Erin's experience is diverse and she has worked for non-profit organizations, government offices, private National companies and small business owners. Erin now spends her time working one-on-one with clients who utilize her skills for website design and social media management as a Communications & Marketing Specialist. 

Erin has a passion for learning about people and their history. Erin enjoys listening to the stories told around a kitchen table and putting those words to paper to paint a picture of how life once was.

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